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Nami Island – The Island of K-Drama Lovers

nami island

This island famous for the beautiful Redwood trees lined roads and it attract many tourists come to visit.
What to Do

For those who love Korean Drama, of course want to visit this place when arrive in South Korea and only spent around KRW 8000 for entrance fee. This island was formed as a result of the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam and half-moon shaped. There is the grave of General Nami, who led a great victory against the rebels in the 13th year of the 7th king of the Joseon Dynasty, King Sejo (reign 1455-1468).


This island famous for the beautiful Redwood trees lined roads and it attract many tourists come to visit. Also, this island is very beautiful to visit on summer, spring, autumn even winter.

nami island

When you come to this tiny island, I advise you to walk around and visit Winter Sonata Tributes. For me, the most memorable episode in this drama was “Couple Snowman” when Min Hyeong and Yoo Jin made couple snowman together. You can passing through “First Kiss Bridge” that named because of Min Hyeong kissed Yoo Jin while build their couple snowman.

nami island

nami island


                                                      Watch this Video for more excitement: Video by Korea Explored




How to Get There

Nami Island also known as Namiseon is one of place to visit in South Korea. I fell in love with this Island since I watched Korean Drama Winter Sonata. Yes, this island is shooting location of that famous Korean Drama. My journey starts from Jakarta to Seoul by airplane which take 7 hours. Arriving in Incheon International airport, buy bus ticket to Gapyeong Intercity Bus Terminal (around KRW 22.000) in 1st floor of Incheon Airport bus stop 9C. The trip time is approximately 2 hours.

nami island

Arriving at Gapyeong Intercity Bus Terminal, take bus to Nami Island with fare around KRW 6500. This bus also brings you to Gapyeong Train Station, Gapyeong Rail Park, Petite France and The Garden of Morning Calm. Only need 25 minutes for arrive at Nami Island from Gapyeong Intercity Bus Terminal.

nami island


Tips and Trick nami island

For you who are K-Drama lovers and want to visit this island, the best time to visit is on Autumnand Winter season because it's very beautiful and don't forget to bring camera for capturing moment in this island. Also, take your love ones here (if you have) LOL..

Beside, you can keep your bus ticket after visiting Namiseon because you can use the same ticket to visit Petite France or Garden of Morning Calm.

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