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Ha Long Bay

ha long bay

Ha Long Bay has an attraction that is, has an island big 1600 and some small islands that have a very amazing beauty...
What to Do

Ha Long Bay is indeed a very popular destination in Vietnam. Ha Long Bay has an attraction that is, has an island big 1600 and some small islands that have a very amazing beauty.

Ha Long Bay is an uninhabited island, because the island is very steep and has limestone rocks that make it unfit for habitation.

ha long bay

Ha Long Bay Island has an area of ​​about 43,400 ha. in Ha Long Bay have beautiful caves, in the morning you can see the beautiful scenery in Ha Long Bay, if you stay in an existing hotel in Ha Long Bay area.

ha long bayha long bayha long bay

Halong Bay is divided into two regions namely Criterion VII and Criterion VIII. Ha Long Bay was crowned as a national site in 1962 by the Vietnamese government.

ha long bayha long bayha long bayha long bayha long bay

My advice if you are first to Vietnam, you must come to this tour, because this place is a natural beauty that should not be missed while in Vietnam.

ha long bay

How to Get There

The beauty of Halong Bay makes me curious and interested to visit Ha Long Bay located in the Gulf of Tonkin, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam.

if you start the journey from the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi City is about 165 km. To get to Ha Long Bay you can using 2 ways that is backpackers or using the tour package.

My journey started from Jakarta to Saigon, Vietnam. The trip from Jakarta-Vietnam spent about 2 hours 30 minutes, from Saigon I went to the capital of Hanoi, in the city of Hanoi I looked for lodging around the city of Hanoi, the next day I continue the journey by car to Ha long Bay, about 4 hours travel.

Upon my arrival at Ha Long Bay I rented a vessel 418961.03 (VND), if in conversi to rupiah about 250,000 (IDR). for those of you who want to use the tour package, then you should find a tour package that promotion for your holiday more thrifty. I think better backpackers because it is more efficient, can arrange their own schedule, can be more fun long holiday with friends, family, and loved ones.

ha long bay

Tips and Trick ha long bay

1. The best time to take a trip to Halong Bay in the morning

2. to be able to enjoy the beauty of Halong Bay should you take 2 days to vacation in Ha Long Bay

3. do not forget to bring a camera to take pictures with the stunning natural scenery in Ha long Bay

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