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Korean Palace Changdeok

korean palace changdeok

Changdeok Palace is a relic of King Taejo's reign that is very well maintained and clean to date...
What to Do

This tour is very famous in the city of Seoul. Lots of local and foreign tourists who come here. This tour is called Changdeok Palace. Changdeok Palace is a very beautiful and majestic palace. Changdeok Palace is a relic of King Taejo's reign that is very well maintained and clean to date. Changdeok Palace is the king's resting place in 1405. Therefore this place is beautifully designed and very detailed.

Changdeok Palace is considered an important place after the reign of King Seongjong. The palace has a very dramatic story. In 1592 Changdeokgung was burned and the royal family chose to leave the Palace during the Japanese invasion of Korea.

But this palace was rebuilt by Prince Gwanghaegun in 1611. Changdeok Palace is very special because the palace architecture in successfully combines elements of three architectural elements of the kingdom is the work of Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla. Every architectural element you can see in here has enchantments of meaning and value of philosophical value.

Changdeok Palace consists of 3 main parts, namely the public area, the residence of the king's family and the rear garden area. In 1997, Changdeok Palace was preserved as a world heritage site by Unesco. Therefore this place is very famous and a lot of tourists who come to this place.

The main element you will see is the Donhwa Gate. This is the first time we passed upon entering this Changdeok Palace. This gate means the Gate of Truth Transformation. This gate has the oldest structure since it was built in 1609. We passed one of the corridors. This gate has 5 aisles but only 3 of my corridors can be skipped by the guests.

Changdeok Palace also has a hall. The hall was established in 1805. In this hall the king received congratulations from officials and ministers. But in 1907 this hall was renovated. Changdeok Palace is very interesting because the building was destroyed because of a great fire but built again.

Here I see Huijeong Hall standing in front of Daejo's room. This room also participated in a great fire but rebuilt as well as Daejo's space.

The last part of the palace is the back garden that amazes. This back garden is called Huwon. The back garden is very spacious and has 7 pieces of artificial ponds and forests that are very dense and have a flow of springs.


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How to Get There

This time I was on holiday with my family and friends. Changdeok Palace became my tour choice. Changdeok Palace is located at 99 Yolgok-ro, Waryong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul City, South Korea. My journey starts from downtown Seoul.

Heading to Changdeok Palace we had to walk to Yongsan Train Station to use train to Jongno 3 (sam) -ga for about 12 minutes. After that walk about 2 minutes to Jongno 3-ga, subway line 1,3,5 and from here we take a bus for 3 minutes to Changdeok Palace.

Tips and Trick korean palace changdeok

  1. Wear a polite dress
  2. Keep it clean
  3. Bring the camera
  4. Take medicine
  5. Bring a travel bag
  6. Bring important documents
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