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Holiday in Bangkok, (The Fourth Day)

wisata di bangkok

Incidentally my friends are many women so we really excited to shop Mbk Canter this most busy mall in visit in Bangkok.
What to Do

Incidentally my friends are many women so we really excited to shop Mbk Canter this most busy mall in visit in Bangkok. Here we see there are sellers who sell clothes, DVDs, accessories, knick-knacks and many sellers who sell unique items. This mall has seven floors, MBK Center is selling good and cheap goods. The mall is open from 10:00 to 22:00 every day.

On the first floor there is a shop, here visitors can negotiate with sellers of goods that want visitors to buy. If you have negotiation skills, then you will be able to price the cheap goods. The clothes were on the first floor, two, and three.

While the fourth floor there are sellers of electronic appliances, and Supermarket. At that time we climbed again to the fifth and sixth floor here there are so many food vendors, on the sixth floor there is a typical Thai suvenier seller. Lastly we went up to another seven after eating. On the seventh floor there is a place of karoke, and cinema.


Satisfied shopping and lunch here. next trip to Siam Paragon is an exclusive shopping mall that is unparalleled. The mall is open since 2005 and consists of five floors. Mall is designed perfectly and very comfortable to make a place to shop.

Because this mall has a luxury building makes it dubbed as "Asian Gem", this mall is very wide and can make visitors lost. When visiting here visitors should go to the information desk to see the map on the ground floor. Mall is divided into six kinds, including the Luxury Living, Fashion Venue, Lifestyle & Leisure, Living & Technology, IT & Paragon Passage, and Explorium & Global Entertainment.


Siam Paragon is indeed unique in the basement mall there is the most luxurious and largest underwater tour in Asia. Here there are various food and serving menus that make hungry visitors to see it, on the next floor there are who sell world-class luxury goods, therefore this location is a lot of visitors upscale. Here there are branded shoes, branded clothes, clocks, branded handbags, luxury cars are here. Goods here is complete.
Once satisfied to buy some goods in Siam Paragon, the last one we visited is CentralWorld, this place is also no less interesting in bangkok. Central World is the largest shopping center in Bangkok. Although we were tired enough when it was the two malls we were very curious about Central World. My advice do not use the taxi to this location because of Very jammed, then we walk to Cantral World foot.

We arrived at Central World mall looks so spacious and there is a very wide open area, here there is also a Buddha Four Faces which is used as a place for worship of the god.
Then we go into the mall Here I am interested in some shoes that have a unique motive, make me eager to shop, I finally bought really cool shoes, but the price is quite expensive.
The mall is open daily from 10:00 am to 22:00 pm. The following items you can find here clothes, bags, clocks, shoes, electronics, and many more are sold here.

After shopping for 2 hours we go back to surabaya and go to airport. Follow on our next trip in the unique city and beautiful. next day


How to Get There

After three days of exploring the city of Bangkok. On the fourth day we want to see the atmosphere of the Mall in Bangkok, is similar in Indonesia hahaha ... Immediately yes on this fourth day we want to visit the 3 malls in Bangkok.

Our journey from that morning to the MBK Center from our Grand Palace hotel   took a taxi about 4.9 km and took about 20 minutes trip. Once in our Mbk to Siam Paragon using BTS. From MBK Center we walk to National Stadium BTS Station up BTS2BTS งาหว้ หว้า to Siam, takes about 2 minutes, After arriving in Siam we walk to Siam paragon 2 minutes.

Next from Siam Paragon we headed to CentralWorld we walked about 8 minutes till it was at CentralWorld. Satisfied walks in CentralWorld we finally went back to Surabaya.

Here's the mall atmosphere in Bangkoklaughing

Tips and Trick wisata di bangkok

  1. Bring camera and Selfie stick for holiday photos in Bangkok
  2. Do not litter
  3. Wear comfortable clothes
  4. Wear comfortable shoes

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