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Holiday in Bangkok, (The Second Day)

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Grand Palace was built in 1782, this location until now became the spiritual heart of the Kingdom of Thailand.
What to Do

After arriving at the Grand Palace we are required to purchase entrance tickets at the price of 500 Bath and Grand Palace opened from 08: 30-15:30. This tours must be visited while Located bangkok.

Before entering this palace we had to queue long with hundreds of visitors. To get into this location the tourists must dress modestly, that time my friend uses shorts, finally reprimanded by the palace officers and not allowed to sign in by officers. Finally my friend borrow a cloth cover his pants to the officer and we were finally allowed into this temple.

Grand Palace was built in 1782, this location until now became the spiritual heart of the Kingdom of Thailand. Inside the Grand Palace there are several unique buildings, one of which is Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha), here there is a highly respected small Zambrut dating from the 14th century. The Buddhist Temple of Zambrud is the most important temple in Thailand and a highly respected Buddhist temple. Wat Phra Kaew this is a statue of Buddha in meditation position.

The Grand Palace was once housed by RM King of Thailand and this King lives in Central Court and in this hall is made a place for the state business, this Thai King stopped living in the palace in the 20th century. To see the residence of the King is only two locations that can be viewed by tourists, the building here is really impressive and unique. In addition to Central Court here there is Hall Boromabiman and Amarinda hall, this place became the residence of King Rama I and Hall of Justice.


Grand Palace is indeed has a beautiful interior and here tourists can get into some unique places including the Grand Palace Hall, Dusit Hall, here there is also a living room designed in European style, and there is one interesting place here is a museum that gives tourists information about Bangaimana Grand Palace in wake, in this museum also tourists can see a lot of there are photos of Buddha.

After exploring our next Gran Palace to Wat Pho which is located behind the Emerald Buddha Complex (Grand Place), to get to Wat Pho location we use the boat we rent at the price of 10 Bath, to get to this Wat Pho location 30 minute journey. At Wat Pho we bought a 100 Bath admission ticket for one person. The temple is open from 08:00 to 17:00.

Leaving ticket, we were first greeted with a small temple that made the place to worship, the aroma of incense here is very fragrant and here we feel a calm and peaceful atmosphere. After passing the small temple you enter the Wat Pho here there is a Reclining Buddha Statue. To enter this Buddhist temple we have to remove the footwear and that time my friend who used the shorts were given to us to cover his pants.

Here we see this Buddha statue Which  coated with gold has a height of 15 meters, and has a length of about 46 meters, Buddha Statue is the largest statue in Thailand. Gold plates that coat the statue give a holy impression. Here we are queued to take pictures at the end of Buddha Stretching . After taking pictures we saw behind the Buddha Statue there are women who guard at wooden tables, tourists can give coins in the bowls, for the care of the temple.

After taking pictures and seeing the atmosphere at the temple, we came out of the Buddhist Temple Lying, we walked along the Complex to see the scenery around, there is a koi fish pond surrounded by rocks and stone statue. Koi fish is in Japanese culture and China is a symbol long life and you know koi fish can live hundreds of years and the word "koi" in language Japanese has the meaning of "Love". The sprawling of trees in this location and the sound of this cool water make this location a favorite place for visitors to relax. Wat Pho has thousands of Buddha statues and has various sizes. Here also there is the main temple named "Bot" in the Bot there is a large Buddha statue and a place of worship.

Once satisfied Exploring in  Wat Pho we continue to Wat Arun by boat to Chao Praya river. From the Thai Tien dock, we must pay 6 Bath to cross to Wat Arun.

Chao Praya River has the highest tower up to 70 meters, Wat Arun is the most popular tour in the city of Bangkok. To enter this location tourists pay entrance fee for 50 Bath, here we toured enjoy the beauty of Wat Arun

while taking pictures. At that time we did not climb the highest tower at Wat Arun, because it was quite tired, but from the tower that tourists can see the beautiful city of Bangkok.

Finally we see some of the temples that are here, Wat Arun is indeed has a unique architectural style diantarana there is a gold-plated bell, temple towers in Wat Arun. is given glass and looks pretty. In addition to seeing the uniqueness of this temple building, tourists can enjoy the beautiful Chao Pray River.


Satisfied visiting these two locations we decided to return to Asiatique The Riverfront by boat, this location is very popular during in bangkok. The Asiatique The Riverfront was opened in 1900, and this pier became history, of international trade between the Kingdom of Thailand and the European country, and the Asiatique The Riverfront is one of the key Thailand maintain its independence and make it the only country in Southeast Asia Who never in jajah. That's history we know. This place became the most preferred hangout spot.

Here tourists can hangout, eat at restaurants, shop for unique items and enjoy the coffe at the cafe while enjoying live music at this cafe. We came in the afternoon. This place is open at 5 pm to 11:30 pm, to enter at this location free. If you visit here in the afternoon you can take pictures on the beautiful Chao Phraya River.

Once satisfied the streets of Asiatique The Riverfront we returned to the hotel, we used the taxi because it was tired all day long streets and overheated so we finally chose to go home by taxi to the hotel. Follow our journey in Bangkok next.


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How to Get There

After the break the next day we went to the Grand Palace, we were very excited to visit the Grand Palace, and then we walked from BTS Sukhumvit. From here we go to BTS Silom to stop, then we use the blue boat the price is more expensive but the boat is more comfortable. The boat price is 100 Bath from Chao Phraya River to the Grand Palace.
From the chao phraya river we stopped at Tien Pier (N8), this trip took about half an hour. Done until it stops, we walk another 15 minutes to the Grand Palace location.

Tips and Trick wisata di bangkok

  1. Bring camera and Selfie stick for holiday photos in Bangkok
  2. Do not litter
  3. Use polite clothes
  4. Umbrellas, hats, and jackets

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