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Holiday in Bangkok, (The first day)

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Our trip towards Bangkok's Erawan Shrine uses Uber from Sukhumvit to Erawan Bangkok temple about 6.6 km or about 30 minutes drive.
What to Do

Yeah after an 8 hour journey on the plane it quite tired, we decided to rest for a while at The Landmark Bangkok, around 30 minutes rest then we decided to look for fruit durian near the hotel. that time we saw the seller durian, finally we ordered 4 pieces durian. The taste of this durian is different from the durians we've tried in Indonesia, the texture is soft, sweet, and mebuat we are addicted. After our next meal we went to Erawan's Temple at Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok.


Our trip towards Bangkok's Erawan Shrine uses Uber from Sukhumvit to Erawan Bangkok temple about 6.6 km or about 30 minutes drive.

In this Erawan temple there is a Hindu God Sculpture sitting and always crowded in visit, annually there are about 10 million visitors. Here tourists usually meberi offerings such as, coral flowers, incense, and when visiting here tourists must pay respect the Brahma Statue.

The name of the temple is actually taken from the name of a three-headed elephant a Hindu legend. The temple was founded in 1956 to expel the evil forces that interfere with the construction of the hotel, before the temple was built many fatal accidents occurred in this area, therefore built in the temple of Brahma and since the temple was built, no more accidents in this area.

Here we smell incense and see a lot of throngs of tourists and Thais paying homage, giving offerings, and here. there is are singers and dancers, here Tourists can give some who donate or buy flowers for luck.

At that time we take pictures and menikkmati atmosphere that is here. After exploring this temple we decided to go back to the hotel to rest. Follow our next journey in bangkok guys.



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How to Get There

Finally the holiday hahahah .... Right now I decided to go to Thailand and visit to city of Bangkok.  I was with my friend bought a plane ticket from last month. We depart on April 19, 2017, at 08:20 am using Garuda Indonesia plane from Juanda International Airport to Don Mueang International Airport. At that time we made air travel about 8 hours 40 minutes and at 17:00 we arrived at Don Mueang International Airport.

After arriving at Don Mueang International Airport, we up Grab who was chauffeured by ladyboy to Sukhumvit Road, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Thailand. Our fastest route via Toll Higway, after traveling about 30 minutes, Until  are on the road Sukhumvit, Here we are looking for lodging. 

Tips and Trick wisata di bangkok

  1. Bring camera and Selfie stick for holiday photos in Bangkok
  2. Do not litter
  3. Use polite clothes


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