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Srisasanti Syndicate

srisasanti syndicate yogyakarta

This is a place where you can see the culture and the artsy this.
What to Do

Hello, the Artsy Lovers!

This time i'll bring you to a new Art Gallery around Tirtodipuran Street, Yogyakarta. The name is Srisasanti Syndicate and it's located in a Gallery named Tirtodipuran Link. This is a new Gallery, i think. And the fee entry is FREE (when i got here), but i saw in IG that the free admission is until August 26th, 2019. So, you might charged with the fee entry after that date. 

In this Gallery/Art Space, you can visit the Gallery, Jewelery and food shop here. 

There are 2 main gallery. In the first floor and second floor. 

The 1st floor consists of 3 places, 2 exhibitions and 1 jewelery. There is also a food shop outside the gallery. 

The pictures above are the first exhibition that you will see after you enter the gallery. 

This is the second exhibition  : 

In this section, you will see the picture of 5 famous painter in the world. Like this one. This is a self potrait of Vincent Van Gogh.

What really special in this area is, the picture can change based on the intensity of the light. There will be a guide who will show you. It was soo cool for me! 

You must see it by yourself and enjoy!

The gallery opens daily, from 10am to 9pm. So, don't miss it out when you visit Yogyakarta :)

How to Get There

You can go here with Transjogja and stop at Sugiono/Sugiono II shelter. After that, you can walk to the place. It takes around 15-20 minutes from the shelter. 

Or you can take the online public transport. 

Tips and Trick srisasanti syndicate yogyakarta

- There is no guide here (unless for the exhibition where the paintings change the picture), but there will be a staff in the room. Don't hesitate to ask about the paintings if you're curious. 

- Tirtodipuran area has lots of galleries and foodies thing. So you might want to take a walk around the area. 

Where to Stay srisasanti syndicate yogyakarta

You can stay around Prawirotaman area if you want to stay close from this area. It's really close from there.
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