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Garden By The Bay

garden by the bay

streets in a very beautiful place, made my holiday more memorable.
What to Do

Why did we choose to visit the "Gardens By The Bay" because our friends tell us Gardens By The Bay was cool ... without a long wait we decided to go there on holiday laughing.

Immediately We Towards Gardens By The Bay. to go to this place is free, but if we want to go up and walk across the bridge connected with artificial trees, we had to buy tickets $ 3.73.

not only that the beauty that is here. in this area there is a Cloud Forest and Flower Dome wonderful.

We ended Buy Tickets $ 22.36 entrance to the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. Once we entered we saw a very beautiful scenery and memorable.



I was really amazed with the architecture that makes this park is incredible. therefore these projects often won awards example like "Grant Associates" which has been achieved three years ago and was awarded the architect Wilkinson Eyre.



The park is divided into two, namely the Bay South and Bay East. In this place we also see Supertrees with a height of 16 floors, this one tree named Solar Trees, why? Because this tree could catch rainwater and convert into energy Solar. Also in the east we see the view of Tropical Forest, picnic locations, garden flowers, without waiting we walk - the way of seeing the beauty of the waters of Marina Bay, the place is really lovely and made us feel comfortable to unwind the hustle of the city.






How to Get There

My trip this time accompanied Jhonatan to a famous place in Singapore is "Gardens By The Bay", located at 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore. This place is open from 05.00-02.00 am. The place is not far from the city center, just a 5 minute drive to get to the location.

Tips and Trick garden by the bay

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