- Go to website

- Click on the Login menu on the top-right part of the page

- Fill the Login form with your username and password

- Click the Sign In button

- Click the

Create Paradise Review

button on the left side of the page

- Click the "Cover Photo" button

- Choose an image file from your computer

Note: The maximum allowed filesize is 2 MB

- Click the Open button

- Adjust the part of the image you want to use as Cover Photo using the provided cropper tool

- You can't change or move the cropper area itself but you can zoom in/out the image using the scroll up/down and move the image by holding and dragging the left mouse button
- Only the brighter part of the image shown in the cropper tool will be used as Cover Photo

- Click the Crop and Save button

- Fill all the required fields in the form

- Please fill each field with the appropriate content

- The "Category" field should be filled with the one that best represents the main idea or theme of the post

- The "Prologue" field should contain a general idea of the post or something that will make people want to read the whole article

- The "

What To Do

" field should contain explanation or story of interesting things that can be done in that place
- You can style your article's content by using the features in the textarea's toolbar, e.g. making bolded text, changing the font size, creating a bullet list and adding images and videos

- The "

How To Get There

" field should contain explanation or story of the journey and methods to get to that place

- The "

Tips and Trick

" field should contain some tips and tricks to make the trip more fun, e.g. the local custom or rules

- The "

Where to Stay

" field should contain some reference to places to stay near that area

- Click the Submit button to submit your post

- After the post is submitted successfully, you will be automatically redirected to the "My Review" page. Your submitted reviews will be shown in this page

- Your submitted reviews will have the status "pending" and will not be shown nor accessible to other users

- A GoTravelly admin will evaluate your review at the latest 2 working days since the submitted time. If the review is approved, the status "pending" on the review title will be gone and the review will be published on GoTravelly so other users can see and read it

- During the evaluation process, the admin can also grant a point to the user for the review. These points will determine your user rank in GoTravelly and once the points is enough, you can get various gifts from GoTravelly