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04 May 2018

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Madam Kwan's Restaurant

This time, I visited one of best restaurant in Kuala Lumpur which called Madam Kwan's Restaurant!

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When in KL, of course I visit this mall for shopping. Hehehe.. I know, this mall is everyone favorite for shopping when travel in Kuala Lumpur. Anyway, I won't tell you about this mall, but I'll tell you about the restourant inside this mall.

madam kwan's restaurant

As yu know that, Pavilion is a big shopping center where you can find many brands an of course food. This time, I visited one of best restaurant in Kuala Lumpur which called Madam Kwan's Restaurant. This restaurant is located at LOT 1- 16 -00 Level 1, 168 and serves many kind of Malaysian cuisine. This restaurant is quite large and very clean, you can find many tables empty there. 

madam kwan's restaurant

I had their popular dishes which called Nasi Bojari (Bojari Rice), it's self created tri coloured rice dish with assam prawns, Assam fish head, Chicken Curry, Beef Rendang and otak otak.

madam kwan's restaurant

madam kwan's restaurant

The rice seems deceivingly simple, just fairly aromatic. The chicken was very well cooked and tasty. I never taste this food before, because when I visit KL, I just taste the Nasi Lemak and Nasi Bojari could be my other favorite. For the Price, I could say it's a little bit pricey but still worth to try. 

Beside Nasi Bojari, you can also taste their other Malaysian Cuisines, such as Nasi Lemak and some appetizer. I recommend you to visit this restaurant when you shopping at Pavilion, this restaurant could be nice choice, althou a little bit pricey but it's worth with the service you'll get and the super delicious dishes.

madam kwan's restaurant

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