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Udderlicious Ice Cream

udderlicious Ice cream

I scream for Ice Cream! This shop is quite unique because it's cute and tidy. This shop is not too big, but it's has good ambience and good interior.
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Looking for delicious ice cream in London? Udderlicious is the answer! This ice cream shop located in 187 Upper St but it has branch located in 24 Erlham Street. This shop is quite unique because it's cute and tidy. This shop is not too big, but it's has good ambience and good interior.

udderlicious Ice creamudderlicious Ice cream

udderlicious Ice cream

Udderlicious has some great flavors to offer, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel and Cookies & Cream. It's freshly made, no frozen for days like the gelato places you'll find in Soho for example. It's thoughtfully made and flavors are creative and delic. Moreover, they use organic milk as the main ingredients. You'll know all of the flavors from this wall.

udderlicious Ice cream

Anyway, that's not the menu actually. Here's the menu. There are cone / cup ice cream with price £2.95 per scoop, Sundaes, Brownie Sundaes, Ice Cream Shakes and Banana Sundaes. It's little bit pricey, I think, but it's still worth to try because Udderlicious ice cream has authentic and fresh. This ice cream was made in store, guys!

udderlicious Ice cream

udderlicious Ice cream

Nutella is still my favorite one, but the others are good too. I recommed to try Mango sorbet, Chocolate peanut butter and Cookies & Cream..

udderlicious Ice creamudderlicious Ice creamudderlicious Ice cream

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Overall, I recommed you to taste this authentic fresh ice cream when visit London. Beside the taste is delicious, their services is good as well. Please leave comment below if you have taste this ice cream :)

Opening Hours
Sunday - Thursday 11 am to 11 pm Friday & Saturday 11 am to midnight
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