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17 Nov 2017

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Poppie's Fish & Chips

People said "When one in London, one must eat fish and chips"

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Little story about fish and chips, this kind of food is become typical English food since old time. It caused by there are so many fishes in England's sea, so that the middle class make fried fish with flour. Fish and chips are made from fish and fried potatoes add with tar-tar sauce.

The famous place to enjoy fish and chips in London is in Poppie's. This resto located in 6-8 Hanbury Street London was the winner of the best fish and chips in 2014, also the oldest fish and chips restaurant in London. It has vintage interior with old pictures in the walls. Very interesting. Actually, there are 2 more Poppie's restaurant in London, Poppie's Soho located in 55 Old Compton St, Soho, London and Poppie's Camden located in 30 Hawley Crescent London.

                                       poppie's fish & chips

                                       poppie's fish & chips

                                       poppie's fish & chips

There 2 options for fish, cod and haddock, with regular and large size. The price are still reasonable, starting from 12 - 17 Pounds. Anyway, the price for dine in and take away are different. If you want to dine in, you have to pay 20 Pounds more and you don't need to pay additional fee for take away. For enjoy dine in this restaurant, you have to making reservation first.

Honestly, for saving money, I want to take away but because I was tired of walk so I decided to dine in for relieve my tired while tasting this meal. So, I choose Fish and chips with cod fish. Here they are..

                                      poppie's fish & chips

                               poppie's fish & chips

The fish are very tasteful, such a fresh fish moreover the tartar sauce which make the fish more delicious. Besides, the employee are very friendly and helpful. Overall, I extremely satisfied with this meal and highly recommended for you who come here when visit London.


                                                                           Watch this Video for more information: Video by Poppie's Fish and Chips 


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