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Dal.komm Coffee Seoul

dal.komm coffee seoul

Dal.komm Caffee are not only in Seoul but you can find it in Singapore and Malaysia.
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Hi Guys, now I'm Seoul and taking my girl to her favorite Coffee shop in Seoul. She loves it because of Korean Drama of course. After watched Korean Drama DOTS, she asks me if we are going to Seoul We have to visit this Cafe.

So I said yes, because I do love coffee and visiting this Cafe is not a bad idea.

This Cafe located in Level 1, Central Park Prugio, Yeonsu District, Incheon, Seoul. This place near from University of Incheon and you can walk along Convensia-daero for against the traffic. 



Dal.komm Caffee are not only in Seoul but you can find it in Singapore and Malaysia. Beside of Korean Drama effect, this cafe has uniqueness than other cafe. In Korean, Dal.komm means sweet, beside serving coffee this cafe also served other sweet meals.




Dal.komm has music concept from many famous singer in the world, and of course K-pop Stars, that's why there are so many picture of famous singer in the world and K-Pop Stars. So, we could enjoy a cup of coffee while listening music here. This cafe also served the best coffee in the world such as Arabica Coffee and Espresso which made by the most recent and sophisticated coffee machine. 

In this cafe often held live music, fans meeting and music album launch fo K-Pop Stars, if we get lucky, we could meet with one of them. So, if you are coffee lover don't hestitate to visit this cafe, tasting the coffee in the romantic ambience like Captain Yoo Si Jin and Doctor Kang Mo Yeon.



                                                                                             Watch this video for more information:


                                                                                                    Video by: Chokou TV

Opening Hours
Dal.komm coffee is open from 8 AM until 11 PM everyday
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