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Temu Kopi Tebet

Temu Kopi Tebet

Coffee shop located in front of Tebet Station.
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Hello guys, how are you? I hope you're in good condition. 

This time, i'll tell you the other Coffee place.

Who lovescoffee? This bitter-sweet beverage is definitely one of the most famous drink all over the world. Which type of coffee do you like? For me, I love latte the most. And here I am.During my visit to Tebet Station last year, i found a nice Coffee Shop. The name is Temu Kopi. 

Temu Kopi Tebet

Temu Kopi Tebet

Temu Kopi is located super near from Tebet Station. People who pass this station must definitely visit this place in my opinion. You won't be disappointed by the coffee. This place has indoor and outdoor seating so you can choose based on your preferences, but there aren't much seats available outdoor. 

This place serves Coffee and Snacks (not so heavy food). You can enjoy coming here with friends, colleagues or even alone. It doesn't have many options for Coffees and Foods, but it has a cozy place and nice coffee. The price range is also in affordable side in my opinion. It ranges from IDR25k to IDR50k. 

Eventho’ there aren’t many option for the coffee, but the Coffee choice is pretty interesting and they might be change their menu every (couple of) month as when I got there, the menu is pretty different from what I found on their IG (I looked at their IG to find their menu, but I couldn’t find the menu that I found during my visit here). 

rekomendasi cafe di tebet

I got here around 6pm last year (On December 2019) and the place wasn't really crowded. I like the ambiance and i give it 4 stars for the coziness.  

Cafe kekinian di tebet

cafe hits di tebet

When I came here,i ordered Hazelnut Latte and the price was around IDR36k(I forget if the tax is included or not yet) and i paid with e-payment (I used OVO at that time). I'm happy because this place has this type of payment.

Temu Kopi Tebet

Personally, i like the Coffee. It tasted good and i rate it 4.5 out of 5.

Overall, I give 4 stars out of 5 for this place. I haven’t tried the snack yet, so maybe I should try it the other time. If you pass Tebet Station and look for a coffee place to hang out with friends or someone, you candefinitelycome to this place. 

See ya there and stay healthy wherever you are!

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This place opens from Mondays (7am - 10pm) to Saturdays (12pm - 10pm)
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