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The Blue Lotus Coffee House

The Blue Lotus Coffee House

Salah satu kafe di kota Semarang yang memiliki desain interior yang cantik.
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The Blue Lotus Coffee House/Restaurantlocated at Ahmad Yani 197 Street 

The Blue Lotus Coffee House

I went here as it’s not too far from my staycation and it has good reviews.

But, I’m a bit disappointed honestly.

Let me explain my story here : 

I like the interior of this place.The place is cozy and i really love the ambiance.

cafe kekinian di kota Semarang        Cafe kekinian di Semarang

I know that it’s not allowed to bring food/drink from outside to the resto as there is the announcement at the entrance and inside the resto. I find it’sokay if I bring food/drink from outside, but I bring my own bottle with me and usually, I don’t get problems in other resto, but here, a waitress came and said to hide my bottle as it’s not allowed.

As for the variety of the food, there's nothing really special about the menu. Mostly are the Westerns.

Cafe di Semarang   Rekomendasi Cafe di Semarang  

Cafe di Semarang    Cafe instagramable di Semarang

I found the beverages are much more interesting as you can find more various choices. 

Cafe Terkenal di Semarang

Cafe di Semarang

The Blue Lotus Coffee House

The Blue Lotus Coffee House

And here are the choices for the dessert :

The Blue Lotus Coffee House

As for the price range, i consider this resto is quite affordable. The price starts from 24k to 250k. 

I ordered Double Mushroom Cream Soup, Cream Brulée, and Honey Latte.

The Blue Lotus Coffee House

kafe kekinian di Semarang

This Honey Latte price is IDR36k (for regular cup) and i think it's a nice price tag. I heard the good reviews of their coffee and I think it’s quite true, the coffee tasted good, but this Honey Latte tasted way tooooo sweet for me. I only enjoyed the cookie that came along with the coffee. It was so yummy. Well, for me, the coffee deserves 2.5 out of 5.

Rekomendasi Kafe di Semarang

The Double Mushroom Cream Soup was so so. Not the best Mushroom Cream Soup that I’ve tried. I found it too ‘mahteh’ (too creamy so that you can’t finish eating it). And I couldn’t finish it, eventho’ a waiter offered me to add salt n pepper to make it taste better, but I was only able to eat like 5 spoons maybe.

The price is not bad, IDR32k, but i don't think it's worth to try. Another 2 stars for the food. I might just choose the wrong food and beverage here, so I couldn’t enjoy my food journey here. I don’t mean to offend anyone here, it’s my truly honest opinion based on my experience.

Last but not least, after a couple of time the waiter come to ask about when i want my dessert, i asked the waiter to bring the dessert. Here it is : 

The Blue Lotus Coffee House

As for the cream brulée, I actually liked it. It came with fresh and very acidic strawberry. I give it 3.5 out of 5.

For the service I wanna give it 3 out of 5, I hope they can treat their customer better.


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This place opens every Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to 10pm
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