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The People's Cafe

the people's cafe

This is a cozy place to have a good cup of coffee
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The People's Cafe or TPC is a cozy cafe that has the good coffee (they are incorporated with Djournal Coffee usually). TPC has a cizy ambiance and very comfy place to spend with your friends.

the people's cafe

The service is pretty good and the staffs are friendly. There is a service charge fee, so i think it's a must. And the price is at the modest/standard here. Like around IDR28000 to IDR60000.

The cafe has pretty much variants of food and drink (eventho' TPC at Kota Kasablanca has less of choices than TPC in KunCit that i have visited before). But it does have many choices, especially for the food.

Here are some examples of the menu available at TPC Kota Kasablanka :

the people's cafe

the people's cafe


the people's cafe

This is a menu that my friends and i ordered at that time :

the people's cafe

We ordered the Fish and Chips (IDR 55000), The Fried Enoki and Tofu (IDR 38000), The Dumpling Soup (IDR38000 - for one dumpling). For the beverages, we ordered the Ice Mojito Coffee Latte (IDR35000) and the Hot Chocolate (IDR35000).

For the food, i think it tasted so so, not a very delicious dish, but not bad either. I love the Chips better than the other dish. For me, the dumpling soup was a bit weird because of the hint of the nuts in the soup. And the portion for the Fish and Chips was not much in my opinion.For the Fried Enoki and Tofu, it's just so so for me.

I give 3,5 stars out of 5 for the dishes.

As for the beverages, i love it.

It was so tasty and delicious in my opinion. I give 5 out ot 5 stars for the beverages.

So, i think this place (TPC) could be a great choice to unite with your friends, and if you look for a pretty good quality of coffee, you may want to visit TPC (especially the one with Djournal Coffee), it has more variants.

Have you ever visited TPC? Where? And what's your opinion about this place?



Opening Hours
TPC opens everyday from 10am to 10.30pm
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