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Kiputih Satu Bake & Dine

keputih satu bake and dine

Homey cafe in Ciumbuleuit area
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One cozy place in Ciumbeulit area. This place has simply interior with great nature view. The food range between 25-90 thousand rupiah. They provide for asian and western food also they have various home made bakery such as canalle. I ordered chicken karage, charcoal latte, saikoro steak & Potato Diced and Rosella water kefir. Charcoal latte is activated charcoal and milk, they claimed this good for detox. The Taste was very creamy even i don't realize about the charcoal inside. For Saikoro steak & potato diced.I loved the texture of meat, very juicy and meaty. The serve with vinegar sauce and potatoes. Rosella Water kefir is fermented rosella tea, taste like sour soda tea. And the last chicken karage, no special about this. Same with the others place but they have good presentation.

Over all taste  7,5 from 10.

But good place to hanging around with friends and family for hours

Opening Hours
7.30am - 20.30pm
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