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Applied Policy in Gotravelly on Privacy related issues
Gotravelly Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are GoTravelly, online service that gives user "You" holiday reccomendation, culinary, holiday package, holiday guide, and more. Overall, GoTravelly is the "web" and we arepart of the media connection of GoTravelly, GoTravelly is owned and operated by GoTravelly itself.

This Privacy Policy renewed from the date of 14th of June 2017. We have the rights to change this Privacy Policy from time to time, so please check the newest information from GoTravelly.

this Privacy Policy explains our policy to the users, guide to use the web and revealing information about you.

GoTravelly respecfully understand that keeping online information, we have to get the big trust from the user "You". we deal the trust seriously, and make them our first priority. To ensure security and privacy about yourself, that you give to GoTravelly, when you visit our website or using our service, so you need to understand the following information:

1. What information that we get from you

2. The way we use your information

3. The society that accept your information

4. The storage duration of your information

5. The way we protect your information

6. The way you reach us

7. The change to the following privacy


The information that we get from You


In General


GoTravelly stores information that you have inserted or that You have given in our web, this information can be used for your identification as a personal use, it is used to connect you with your personal information in our web.

personal information that you have given to us like the first name, surname, phone number, email, password, and address.

or you can choose for not to give personal information to us, genarally, some information about you is needed so that you can receive offers that has been provided by GoTravelly and to enjoy other advantages from the member that has registered in GoTravelly. Example there is a member posts a holiday package, and if you are interested so you can join in the discussion forum, and send that package to GoTravelly via email that Youuse, access report content and holiday plan for member, also joining survey, contest and events that is held by GoTravelly.


Information from other sources 


GoTravelly has the information about you from company affiliation, business partners, and from third party sources that add other information For example, Youvisit the GoTravelly web with a "click link" from the site you are currently using, so we will know the information from the site Youwere using. For example, if You access third-party services, such as social media services, through our Website or before accessing our Website, we may collect information such as usernames, passwords and information about you that are available to us through the service. Personalize Your use of our Website in accordance with the rules contained in this Privacy Policy.


Payment Information


GoTravelly is not responsible for any transactions that take place on the GoTravelly Website.


Location Information and Other information from the Device.

If you use the Application through the Device, GoTravelly will collect and use the Information about Youin the same way as you use the GoTravelly website, in addition, we may also collect information about Yourlocation If you request that the device transmit such information through the Application in the device settings , Or if you upload a review marked with location information, We may use the location information collected from the Tool or Your review to improve Youruse of the Application by providing relevant content and contextual advertising. For example we show tours in your city, or nearby restaurants when You travel.


Cookies and Other Web Technologies

GoTravelly collects information through cookies and technology. Cookies are small text files that are automatically placed on Your computer or mobile device when You visit almost any website. Cookies are stored by Your Internet browser. This cookie contains basic information about using the Internet. Your browser will send the cookie back to this site every time you visit it again, so the site can recognize Yourcomputer or mobile device and personalize and improve your site experience.

You also know full information about the cookies and technologies we use in the Cookie Policy and the Cookie Consent Tool.

You may also find out more about cookies in general, including how to view cookies that have been installed on Yourdevice and how to manage and delete them on the Website such as and

GoTravelly uses cookies for the following purposes:

• To help us recognize Yourbrowser as a previous visitor and store and remember any preferences that may have been set when You visited our site. For example, if You register on our site, then we may use cookies to remember your registration information, so You do not have to login to our website every time You visit it. GoTravelly can also record Your password in cookies, if You check the box for "Stay logged in this computer until I sign out". Please note that the member ID, password, and other data associated with the account and included in the cookie will be encrypted for security purposes.

• To help us customize the content, experience and advertising provided to You on our websites and Applications as well as on other websites on the Internet. For example, when you access a web page, cookies will be automatically set by us, our service providers, or our partners to recognize your browser as You navigate the Internet and to displayYour information and ads based on Yourinterests. For more information about our online advertising practices and your preferences, see the Ad Views / Your Choices.

For the Help button on the toolbar in some browsers it will tell you how to prevent browsers and accept new cookies, How to set the browser to notify Youwhen you receive new cookies, or how to disable nonessential cookies. You should know if you refuse to accept cookies, chances are you will not be able to access the various menus found on the GoTravellyWebsite.


Display Ad You Choose

GoTravelly will provide you with the best content and relevant information available throughout our Website.

To give it all to You, we will provide you with tourist information, culinary, and tour guide that will make it easier for you to travel and find out the culinary and tourist information you are looking for. Suppose you are currently looking to find a tour guide for a vacation to Bali then we will provide information available on our existing Website.

Data collected by GoTravelly

Some of the ads on the GoTravelly site are displayed by GoTravelly. But we also allow third parties to collect information about Your online activities through Cookies and existing technologies. That collect information about your interests as You view or interact with one of the ads they place on various websites on the Internet. The information collected by these third parties will be used to make an estimate of Your character, interests, or preferences and to display advertisements on our site and on the Internet tailored to Your interests.

Please note that we do not have access or control for cookies or other technologies that such third parties may use to collect information about your interests, and that third party information collection practices are not covered by this Privacy Policy.

How GoTravelly uses your Information

Our Common Goals

• for registration and for managing your account, including to permit you to access and use our website

• to communicate with you in general, including to provide information about GoTravelly and invitations from the GoTravelly community.

• For us to post, publish your shared reviews.

• To respond to your comments and questions.

• To let us know your interest in the services we have provided on the GoTravelly Website

• To notify you of special offers and products or services that are on GoTravelly.

• To collect information from you

• To prevent activities that may be prohibited or illegal


Email Communication

We want to make it easy for you with the information we provide you to make your trip easier. One way we do it is to send an email or message containing information about how to join GoTravelly which contains Activation.

Parties receiving Your information

GoTravelly may share your information as follows:

• Third parties providing services for marketing, community-related, and customer service. GoTravelly authorizes third parties to store our information, including operating our Website features or facilitating the delivery of online ads to suit Yourinterests. Third parties may access and collect the information we need from us.

• Other Web Sites, If you are on the Web at any other time and directed to GoTravelly, then we will provide You with your registration information to the GoTravelly Website, for example, Name, Email Address, Address, Phone Number and password. We have not yet applied restrictions on the use of personal information by referrals websites and we encourage You to read the Privacy Policy on the website that leads to GoTravelly.

GoTravelly may share Your personal information in Groups in the GoTravelly media, as well as with third party websites when we share advertisements about the tours You share, the culinary You share, and the tour guides You are sharing.

GoTravelly may also share your information if we believe in our policy, that it is necessary.

• To comply with legal, applicable law enforcement, lawsuits, or proceedings to establish or enforce our legal rights, to counter legal claims or if required by law. In such cases, we reserve the right to file and ignore your objections or legal rights available to us.

• To investigate, prevent and take actions related to illegal activities, this is done to protect GoTravelly and defend our rights, our customers, or others.

• For company transactions, for example in verification, consolidation, sale of assets, and in the event of bankruptcy of the company that is caused by You, we reserve the right to share Yourinformation with the parties concerned.

If Youcreate a profile on GoTravelly, then some information in your profile can be seen and viewed by all users by clicking on Your display name. You can also view Your profile as will other users see. In addition, if You participate in a communication program between members, GoTravelly users may contact you using GoTravelly as their intermediary, but GoTravelly will not provide your email address to members or publicly display it. All GoTravelly members are allowed to choose to disable communication features between members at any time.

GoTravelly may also share information with third parties including advertisers and investors. For example, GoTravelly can notify our advertisers about the number of visitors to our website or the most popular holiday destinations. This information does not contain any personal information and is used to develop services that are of interest to You.


The Storage Duration of Your Information

GoTravelly may store certain information associated with Your account in our archive. The length of your information storage depends on the purpose of collecting and using information.

GoTravelly will not retain your personal information longer than necessary for our business purposes or legal requirements. However, we may retain some information for a certain period of time after You close Your account, for example if it is necessary to fulfill our legal obligations or to establish, defend, or enforce legal rights.


Your rights and choices for the collection and use of Your information

You may choose not to share Your personal information with us, even though such information may be necessary in order to utilize certain features offered at GoTravelly.

You also have the right to inquire about the personal information we hold about You by contacting us at the address below ("Contact Us"), and we may charge a small fee to provide such information.

GoTravelly strives to ensure that Your personal information is relevant to its users, accurate and complete. You may also view, add or update the information You have provided by visiting the subscription page on our Website.

You can also add or update information and close the account as described above. If You decide to close Your GoTravelly account, we will deactivate Your account and delete Your profile information from the current view.

You can close Your GoTravelly account by contacting us using this form. GoTravelly will send an email to confirm Yourrequest. You need to know that after closing Your account, You will not be able to login or access your personal information, but you can open a new account whenever You want.

• When You register as a GoTravelly member, Youcan notify us about your marketing preferences, and may choose to receive marketing messages via email from GoTravelly. As a registered member of GoTravelly, Youcan change the options at any time via Email Unity on the subscription page.

• However whatever Yourstatus, whether registered or not on GoTravelly, you may unsubscribe from promotional messages in every email we have sent to you.

You need to know we can send You other communications, including service announcements related to GoTravelly account.

The Help section of the toolbar in most browsers will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to set Your browser to notify you when you receive new cookies, or how to disable cookies. Please note that if you refuse to accept cookies from GoTravelly, you will not be able to access any part of our site.


How GoTravelly Protects Your Information

GoTravelly wants You to be sure to use GoTravelly, and we are committed to protecting the information we get from you. While no website can guarantee security, we have applied and maintained appropriate physical, technical and organizational measures to protect the personal information You provide us from unauthorized access or unlawful use of disclosure and from loss, Accidental damage, alteration, or destruction. For example, only authorized employees are allowed to access personal information, and they can only do so for the permitted business functions. In addition we use encryption when submitting Your personal information between You and our systems, as well as between our systems and those with whom we share sensitive information. GoTravelly uses firewalls and intrusion detection systems to help prevent unauthorized access to Your information.

Children's Privacy

GoTravelly is a public audiences site and does not offer services that are pointed out for children. If someone we know is a child under 13 years old sending personal information to us, then we will delete or destroy the information as soon as possible.

External links

The GoTravelly website may contain links to third party sites. If You access other websites from the links provided on our website, the website operators may collect information from You that they will use in accordance with their Privacy Policy, which may be different from our Privacy Policy. We recommend reading the privacy statement posted on other websites to understand their procedure in collecting, using, and disclosing personal information.


Changes to this Privacy Policy

GoTravelly may change and modify this Privacy Policy at anytime. We will record the date of the last revision made to this Privacy Policy at the bottom of this page, and each framework will be effective upon posting. We will notify members of this Privacy Policy change by sending a notice to the email address you provide us. We encourage you to review this Privacy Policy from time to time to read the latest version.

How to contact GoTravelly.

If You have any questions about the Privacy Policy above, contact us





Recording and Call Monitoring.

Please note that calls to GoTravelly may be recorded. We may use such call records to monitor the quality and compliance of our customer service, to check the accuracy of the information You provide to us, to prevent fraud, or to provide training to our staff. We will keep a recording of calls for the time it takes to perform the activity, then delete it. Any personal information obtained from You during a call will be dealt with in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

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