Pantai Pink Si cantik dari Lombok

pantai pink lombok

ranisubagio | Sightseeing
Lombok Timur, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia | Beach Exploring
15 Aug 2016

Pantai Pink Si cantik dari Lombok
Melepas Penat karena rutinitas kerja dan tugas sekolah yang numpuk? nahh saya ada obat mujarab untuk membuat anda rileks sejenak yaitu dengan berkunjung ke "Pantai Pink si Cantik dari Lombok".

What to Do

one of best boutique hotel that I ever visit. Moreover, this place very cozy and have nice view.

ohya, they serve the most deliciouse breakfast menu called, American Breakfast

How to Get There

you can go there by bike or car or any other private transportation

Tips and Trick

you can stay here with family, friend or your partner. the tips is, dont forget to book it long way before you go.

Where to Stay
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