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Short Tour in La La Land

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Los Angeles, California, United States
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Posted on 21 December 2017, 13:35:07

Beside Hermosa Pier, there are some interesting place in this movie that I want to visit. So, Finish lunch meeting in my office, I go back to hotel...

How to Get There

Hi guys, finish lunch meeting in office I have free time to walk around LA. Actually, tomorrow I have to leave this City of Angels so I'm gonna make a short tour with Laura. There are so much beautiful place to explore in LA, but because I only have half day so I'm gonna visit some place where become set location of La La Land Movie. Hope you guys all already watch this super inspiring movie :)

This short tour is guided by Laura, my officemate and she's American, using her car.


What to Do

Beside Hermosa Pier, there are some interesting place in this movie that I want to visit. So, Finish lunch meeting in my office, I go back to hotel for changing my clothes. After that, we start explore this city..

Colorado Street Bridge

Our first destination is Colorado Street Bridge. This street bridge is shown in La La Land movie when Mia and Sebastian walk together in twilight. Colorado Street Bridge is located in 504 W Colorado Blvd, Pasadena. This bridge has 453 meters long and 44 meters high. It was built on 1913 and has 1486 feet long. This bridge is connected Pasadena to Los Angeles.

Anyway, behind the romantic look, this bridge has unfortunate history of suicides. More than 100 people have jumped to their death from the tall bridge. But, don't be afraid of that, even many people said this bridge is haunted but it still look beautiful :)

Video by Robert Gurrola

Cathy's Corner (Mount Hollywood Drive)

Second destination is Mount Hollywood Drive or known as Cathy's Corner. This place is the famous place in La La Land Movie where Mia and Sebastian dance with breathaking view as the background. This place is located in Mount Hollywood and to get here, park where the Vermont Canyon Road Tunnel and Observatory Drive meet, then stay at the left as you hike a little over two miles up Mount Hollywood Drive to the cast. At the top, the view is amazing beyond words moreover in the night, you'll see the city lights like stars. Maybe you can sing and dance like Mia and Sebastian done :)

Video by LA폴의 캘리포니아 홀릭

Griffith Observatory

The last place that I visit is Griffith Observatory located in 2800 E Observatory Rd, Los Angeles, was opended at 1935. Admission to this Observatory is free but if you're going to watch show in planetarium, you should pay tickets about $ 7 for adult. This observatory is place where Mia and Sebastian date and float through the Griffith Observatory. Very amazing. FYI, this Observatory is open daily from 12 pm to 10 pm. In the evening, the view is very stunning, such a perfect place for a date night!

Video by Magic Journeys


Tips and Trick

Actually, there are so many must visit places in LA but I don't have much time. I have to go back home soon for packing and going back to Indonesia tomorrow. For you who want to visit all of these places, you should bring car, you can rent it there because the acces is very difficult. Mostly, all of this places are have good view in evening, so bring good camera for taking picture in the night and don't forget take your loved ones :)

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