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House of Anne Frank
Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Category: Historical Places

Posted on 15 December 2017, 15:37:26
Location on Google Maps
Anne Frank House
Prinsengracht 263-267, 1016 GV Amsterdam, Netherlands
How to Get There

Hi guys, I just come back from Lisse yesterday and today I want to explore Amsterdam before I continue my trip to other country in Europe. Today, I want to visit the famous museum in Amsterdam, Anne Frank's House. From Amsterdam Central Station I take tram which pass Westermarkt bus stop. This museum located in Prinsengracht Street and I just cross the street and walk about two minutes. 



What to Do

It's still morning but there are many people lined up in front of Anne Frank's House. After 30 minutes, finally I can come inside this house with entrance fee 9 Euro per person. This house actually was Otto Frank's office (Anne Frank's father) and become hiding place for The Frank Family during World War II, when Germany invation arrived in Netherlands and they started sweep Jews there. They were hide in this place fro 1942 until 1944 and supplied food by Otto's staff.


There are quotes from Anne Frank's diary in every wall in this house, the quotes is in English and Dutch. Moreover, there are  screenc which shown videos related to German invasion and the evidence of survivors.



This is the hiding place of The Frank Family. The entrance is covered by book rack and no one will suppose there is a live behind that rack.


For two years, they only read, cook, talking and writing. They can't done their activity normally and have to do everything slowly and quitely. Unfortunately, on August 1944, that hiding place was found. They were arrested and move to the consentration camp and only one survivors, it was Otto Frank. After the Frank Family (except Otto) was arrested, Miep Gies, Otto's staff who supplied food for them, visit this house for save the family's stuffs including Anne's Diary.


He intended to give it back to Anne when she survive in consentration camp, before he could gave it to Anne, he knows that Otto still survive and give it to Otto. Otto knows that Anne wrote that diary but she never let him to read it so he appreciate his daughter. When Anne passed away, Otto read that diary and impressed on his daughter write because she was very mature.


My favorite quotes from Anne Frank is, "I'll make my voice heard. I'll go out into the world and work for mankind" - Anne Frank, 11 April 1944.

                                                                                            Video by The AdventurousVlogger


Tips and Trick

If you are goint to visit Amsterdam, don't forget to visit this museum. Believe me, for you who love history, this museum is very interesting. To avoid the crowd, buy entrance fee online, you can check it here. This museum is open daily from 9 am to 10 pm. Before entering this museum, put your bag in entrance because it'll disturb the other visitors, remind the location is not too wide. Better you don't bring camera for making you enjoy this museum's history :)

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