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Walk Of Fame

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Los Angeles, California, United States
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Posted on 26 April 2018, 11:30:03

Walk of Fame is a sidewalk along Vine Street and Hollywood Bouleveard in Loas Angeles.

How to Get There

When you visit America, don't forget to visit California. After my adventure in New York, I fly to Los Angeles. I take Jetblue airline which depart from JFK Airport at 05.50 and arrive at Los Angeles at 08.58. Because I arrive in LA in the morning and I can't check in at hotel, so I decide to walking around this wonderful city. I go to Walk of Fame, which located only 5 minutes walk from my hotel. Hollywood Walk of Fame is in the heart of Los Angeles, spanning fifteen blocks, about 1.3 iles. It begins at the famous Sunset Boulevard, crossess nto Hollywood Boulevard and then continues into Vine Street. 

walk of fame

walk of fame


What to Do

Walk of Fame is already on my list since I was dreaming about my trip to USA. To be honest, I love California more than New York. Maybe it's because I'm a tropical creature and California warmer than New York. Hehehe.. but, New York is amazing as well eventhou lit bit cold. Anyway, before I tell you more about my experience walking through this Hollywood Street, let me show you the video first ;)

Video by Davidsbeenhere

walk of fame

Walk of Fame is a sidewalk along Vine Street and Hollywood Bouleveard in Loas Angeles. You can see over 2500 stars on the sidewalk with the name of famous entertainers and famous fictional characters. These sidewalk stars honor not only movie actors, but radio, TV & stage performers, directors, singers, songwriters and othr well known showbiz personalities.

walk of fame

walk of fame

It has become traditional for fans to place flowers on the star of a celebrity who just died. Sometimes, the star even serves as a gathering place for concerned fans. When Michael Jackson was passed away, some fans put a flowers on his stars. So as Muhammad Ali.

walk of fame

walk of fame

Well, That's all about my morning walk in Hollywood Boulevard. Let's looking something to eat, because I'm starving. Let's Gooo.......

Tips and Trick

  • There's no entrance fee in this place and you can visit it for free.
  • No opening hours, you can visit it anytime you want. As long as you still in Los Angeles.
  • Bring Camera for capturing your favorite Hollywood Stars.

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