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National Museum of Nepal

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Kathmandu, Kathmandu, Nepal
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Posted on 19 April 2018, 10:54:49

Nepal National Museum holds a great collection of Nepal history and culture throughout the generations.

How to Get There

Hi guys, I'd like to continue my story when I visit Nepal with my High School friends. After visit Boudhanath, we go to National Museum of Nepal. This museum is located in the western part of Kathmandu near the Swoyambhunath stupa in the historical building which was constructed in early 19th century by General Bhimsen Thapa. To reach there, we take taxi for saving time. Hehehe...

national museum of nepal

What to Do

This museum is one of the famous museum in Kathmandu and known as Chhauni Museum. Chhauni museum has wonderful historical collections and devided into three main historical collections, each houses in a separate building. 

national museum of nepal

This National Museum was opened for public by the then Prime Minister Juddha Sumsher JBR in the year 1938. The Japanese government donated funds to the National Museum of Nepal to hold an exhibition that consisted through amazing pieces of art and it assisted in the research of Buddhism and preservation of artifacts associated with it.

national museum of nepal

Nepal National Museum holds a great collection of Nepal history and culture throughout the generations. It has various collections like doll, second century BC coins, stuffed animals and relics from the 1934 earthquake and Nepali weaponry. One of the greatest attractions of the museum is the leather cannon that is related to the Tibetan war period that took place in 1792.

national museum of nepal

national museum of nepal

Well, for you who love ti visit museum (like me) and interest to know about history of Nepal, I highly recommend you to visit this museum beacuse it have wonderful collection of Nepali history has the relics of greatest earthquake in Nepal, religious artifacts on Buddhism and the weanpory used in Nepal during and before after the wars.Interest to explore?

national museum of nepal

Video by The Journey of James

Tips and Trick

Need around an hour to explore this museum. This museum is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm with entrance fee RS 150 per person for foreigner. For more detail, you can it here. Don't forget to bring camera,  it'll be charge about RS 100 per camera. Before come to Kathmandu, I recommend yu to check the weather first and wear comfortable shirt. Last but not least, always keep this place clean :)

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