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Summer Palace
Beijing, Hebei, China
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Posted on 31 August 2017, 13:13:31
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Summer Palace
19 Xinjiangongmen Rd, Haidian Qu, China, 100000
How to Get There

My trip today continues to beijing, China. Today, i visit a tourism place which is popular in Beijing. It is summer palace. It is located in 19 Xinjiangogmen road, Haidian Qu, Tiongkok. The distance is about 38 km from the airport of beijing. To reach there, i took a taxi for about 47 minutes.

What to Do

Are you confused where to go on vacation? Try this one, it's Summer Palace, it is the most famous and the biggest castle in China, come and be amazed with the structure, the castle was inhabited by the kings of Qing Dynasty.


Locals mentioned that Summer Palace is the emperor park that is the best and famous all over the world. Not only that, Summer Palace is the biggest castle in China. It is believed that the emperor's family choose the place to be the their home and the place to party.

Summer Palace was built in 1115 by Qing Dynasty. And in the year of 1860 this castle was destroyed by the attack of England and France in the opium war. The war is believed to be the shame of China. In this war, China couldnt defeat the enemy that burned the Castle. But in the year of 1881, the Castle was rebuilt By Queen Mother of Cixi after the death of her husband, Xianfeng.

The Castle has several area like front hall, front lake, and rear hall, take pictures and study things that is inside, this will enrich your knowledge. Summer Palace has reaches 300 acres of width, while the area are included pavilion, towers, bridges, and corridors. Even 3 fourth part of the castle is mostly water and rivers. The castle is so beautiful, big and really tidy. Be the part of the moment when you are here. But mind your own trash when you get home. The ticket is only 30 yuan/person.

Tips and Trick

1. Be clean

2. Be polite when you are here

3. Take a camera with u to get big moments

4. Take a medicines

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