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Second day at Boracay - Island Hopping Tour

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Boracay, Aklan, Philippines
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Posted on 10 January 2018, 09:50:31

Puka Beach is very beautiful beach in this island. It has soft white sand crystal clear water, you can playing, make castle sand or just sun bathing here.

How to Get There

First Day in Boracay

After having breakfast at Real Coffee and Tea Cafe, I walk looking for some tour package to Island Hopping. It's not difficult to find tour package in Boracay, because they offer so many tour package to explore island hopping. This tour package mostly include lunch, boat for 14 persons and snorkeling gear with price start from PHP 1400 per person.

puka beach

What to Do

My boat already wait, so I have to leave soon. This boat is consist of 14 persons who came from many countries in the world, it's good point because you'll find many new friends. This tour is only need 5 hours trip, but this is will be my unforgetable 5 hours. Why? because during the trip, I see crystal water around me. The tosca blue colour impressed me. There are some spots that we'll visit during this trip, first is Puka Beach

puka beach

Puka Beach is very beautiful beach in this island. It has soft white sand crystal clear water, you can playing, make castle sand or just sun bathing here. I'm saving my energy for snorkeling in the next stop :)

Next destination is Crocodile Island. Actually, there's no crocodile in this island, it's only a rocks which shaped like crocodile head. This island also have turquoise water and I can't help myself for not snorkeling. The underwater view is very amazing, I see many fishes and beautiful corals here.

puka beach

puka beach

After an hours and satisfied snorkeling in this island, the guide asked me to move to the other spot.  This spot named Crystal Cove. Like the name, this island have crystal clear water with many caves. Anyway, this is my favorite one because I can climb to the rocks to saw the beautiful water from above. 

puka beach

puka beach

In this island, you can explore the hidden caves. You should immerse in the crystal water with snorkels to in the middle of the caves..

puka beach

Well, go back to the boat and continue the trip to last destination, Magic Island. Magic Island is a place where you can jumping off the cliffs up to 10 meters high. Wow, it's really make my adrenaline high. For the first time I jump, I feel afraid. But after that, I wanna do it over and over again. LOL

puka beach

puka beach

Tips and Trick

Finish jumping of from 10 meters high, I feel hungry and the guide take me to taste some local food. For exploring island hopping, better you looking for tour package in Boracay Island. There are a lot of tour package which offered by many agents in Boracay or you can ask the hotel staff. Don't forget to bring toiletries, towel an additional clothes. The weather is very sunny, better you wear sun screen, sun glasess, swim suit and slippers. Oiya, bring mineral water, just in case you feel tired and thirsty during this trip. If you like to do snorkeling or other water sport, I suggest you to do it on the last day in Boracay because it will make you very tired if you're gonna do it on the first day.

Finish lunch, I go back to Boracay and packing because tomorrow I have to leave this heaven in Earth. See you on my next trip :)

Video by Tom Papworth

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