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Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

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Posted on 06 December 2017, 10:24:29

This park was built on 1883 and has been declared as ASEAN Heritage Park on 18 October 2011.

How to Get There

Hi guys, welcome back with me! Still in Singapore, now I'm going to explore the highest hill in Singapore which called Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. I'm not gonna explore it alone, because I have I own guide. He is Alvian, my friend who study in NTU Singapore. Both of us have been had our breakfast at Roti Prata House, then I ask Alvian take me to Bukit Timah by using his car. It's only 15 minutes to arrive in Bukit Timah Reserve from The Roti Prata House.


What to Do

Alvian said that he often come to this hill because it's very close to his campus, NTU. Actually, my trip to Singapore now because I want to explore the other side of this city where people rarely visit. Finnaly, both of us arrive in Bukit Timah Reserve. My first impression for this place is very green until I don't believe that it still in Singapore, because mostly people know that Singapore is a modern city.

                                 bukit timah nature reserve

Bukit Timah Reserve located in 177 Hindhede Drive Singapore and open daily from 6 am to 7 pm. There is no entrance fee to visit this place. This park was built on 1883 and has been declared as ASEAN Heritage Park on 18 October 2011. Also, this park success become the main destination for people who love nature. This park has 3043 hectare wide and become the biggest park in Singapore. Moreover, this park is the heart of Natural Ecosystem in ASEAN because of the location free pollution. 

                                            bukit timah nature reserve

In this park, there is explore track which you can use for exploring this super large park, besides it's consist of tropical forest and few parts of reservation place and breeding center. 

                        bukit timah nature reserve

After walking for 10 minutes, Alvian took me to the center of this park, there are 4 reservoirs, MacRithcie Reservoir, Lower Peirce Reservoir, Upper Peirce Reservoir and Upper Seletar Reservoir.

                         bukit timah nature reserve

                         bukit timah nature reserve

                                                      bukit timah nature reserve

                       bukit timah nature reserve

FYI guys, this park has the highest hill in Singapore as high as 163.63 meters which consists of many variety of floras and faunas. Visitors are allowed to climb even more than 30 persons.

                        bukit timah nature reserve

Based of research, there are found 500 species of animals and 840 plants and flowers which grow in this area. Moreover, you can found the highest tree and unique Durian here, otherwise you can also found some rare species such as flying squirell, water crab, forest cricket and colugo which live in this park.       

Tips and Trick

For you who want to visit this heritage park and want to knowing more about the history, flora and fauna here better you could take education tour which there is guide will give you more educational information about this park. Then, don't forget to wear comfortable shoes or slippers because you'll trekking into the woods and climb a hill. Also, bring mineral water, some snack and camera for accompany your trip but keep this place clean, guys ;)


                                                                    Watch this video for more information: Video by SRX Property


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