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London Eye (Mellenium Wheel)
City Of London, United Kingdom, England
Category: City Trip

Posted on 20 April 2017, 14:47:14
How to Get There

The London Eye is located in Lambeth, London SE1 7PB, United Kingdom, 1,7 km from London city. Travelers will need an 8 minute journey to get to this location. London Eye on the opposite side of Houses of  Parliament, South Bank.  

To get to London Eye traveler Can use bus lanes 211, 77, or RV1, or just use the Underground Railway at Waterloo station.

What to Do

London Eye was built by an architect (David Marks) and his wife, Julia Barfield. As part of the New Millenium celebration in year 2000 in London city. It was opened in the year 1999. London Eye is 135 metres tall and has 32 capsules, each capsule can accommodate 25 people. In total, 800 people can fit in a single round.

Inside this capsule, you will be provided with a comfortable chair. The London Eye is quite a large ride with good safety measures. You can either sit or stand inside the capsule safely.

Each round of the London Eye ride will take about 30 minutes. Within that 30 minutes, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the London city as far as 40 km when the capsule is at it's topmost position. You can see St. Paul's Cathedral, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Thames river.

The London Eye has become one of the most popular ride in The United Kingdom, with more than 4 million visitor every year. This is mainly because of the scenery you will get to see on it. Make sure to book a ticket well in advance so you won't need to queue too long for a ticket. Even though this ride is always crowded, the view from the London Eye is very worth the effort.

The prices for the tickets are free for children under 4 years old, £12.30 for children (4-15 years old), £15.30 for the elderly (60 years and older), and £19.20 for adults (16-59 years old). You can purchase the tickets in the County Hall building. The counter opens at 9.30 a.m.

Tips and Trick
  • Bring your camera to get the most beautiful view on London Eye
  • Purchase a ticket for the London Eye in advance to save time so you don't need to queue too long
  • If you have heart disease or fear of heights, you should not ride the London Eye.


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