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Hanoi Old Quarter, Vietnamese Foods in Just Some Steps Away

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Hanoi, Quang Ninh, Viet Nam
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Posted on 15 June 2019, 10:54:54

Hanoi divided into 3 parts; Old Quarter, French Quarter, and New/Modern Quarter.. The most tourism spot is in Old Quarter, So Let's Explore the delicious of Hanoi here...

How to Get There

After doing some research, to get to Hanoi Old Quarter from Hanoi Airport (Nong Bai), i choose to order a pick up service from Klook. and order a drop off service from Hotel I stay in Hanoi.

From Klook, i order a package with sim card, to make my trip easier later. But the price for pick up and drop off from hotel is cheaper then klook. the range price you can find from Old Quarter area is around 12-18 USD.

There's also Grab Car available in Hanoi, Airport-OldQuarter is around VND 290.000 (1 VND=0.65 IDR).

To get around in Old Quarter, i look at google map, if the distance still less than 1km, or a bit more, it's still walkable for me. So i walked along the day. or you can hire a cyclo (like becak) for 1 hour, cost VND 100k, accomodate for 1 person only if you feel you are heavy enough.

What to Do

The most attractive things for me is the culinary, beside they also have some Tourism Spots around, but we can go both.

My 1st day in Hanoi i choose to be a Food Marathon Day, because I only have 2 fulldays in Hanoi, so let's have them all in the first day.

After Check in hotel, near by Hoankiem lake area, I start my Food Marathon around 11 am.

1. Circle K is everywhere, Let's jump in to get a big bottled water, for a day drink need.

2. Bun Cha Hang Quat (400m from Hotel), address in 74 Hang Quat, located in a very narrow alley, but you can see the crowd from outside. It's a rice noodle with Grilled Pork Noodle Soup. Taste really nice, a bit sweet and fresh, and have a big portion (almost in every fod portion in Hanoi is quiet big). I order 1 portion of Buncha (VND 35k), with a body language, they really serve us 1 portion of Buncha. Okay my body language is work. They also have Fried Spring Roll, because we don't order it, they serve us 4 pcs of fried spring rolls on table (VND 10k per 1 pc Spring Roll), it' s too much, but my mom like it. so it's done well. We also want to order a drink, that we don't know what kind of drink just looked freshed yellow and icy, feels really good for the very hot summer weather in June (around 36 to 38 degree Celcius). Again with my body language, point the glass on the next table and show your finger "1", it taste like a chrysanthemum tea, with lot of ice, very refreshing.

3. Pho Thin, address in 13 Lo Duc, it's 2 km away from Bun Cha Hang Quat, but my mom said she's full with BunCha, need a bit walk, so we walk to Pho Thin, walking through the Hoan Kiem Lake,

and passed a Catholic Church, stoped by to send a prayer and sit for awhile.

The Menu they have is only Pho (VND 60k), so again just show your finger, pay, and have a sit inside. They also served the pho with chinese bread stick (cakwe), if you want to have it, just point them.

4. Quan Ba Nga, address in 31 Quan Trung (850m from Pho Thin), They have Banh Mi (Vietamese Hot Dog), served with pork skewers (VNC 10k per stick)and cucumber. But unfortunately it doesn't taste like my imagination, juicy and tasty. The Bread (VND 3k) is very hard to eat, and no sauce, like very Dry. a bad experience having Banh Mi. But they have a really good Soy Milk (VND 8k per glass), we have some glasses of soymilk here to refresh. 

The weather is too hot to walk some more steps, we choose to back to hotel, and going out again in the evening. But again we stop by in St. Joseph Church, the biggest french Church in Hanoi (900m from Quan Ba Nga), have a sightseeing for awhile, then back to hotel (450m from St. Joseph) for a rest.

*There's a fried stall (Gorengan) near by St. Joseph Church, looked very tempting, but sorry we full already.

After having some sleeps, we get out from hotel again to have a dinner, it was around 5 pm, so the weather was not that hot to have a walk.

6. Bun Bo Nam Bo, (650 m from hotel), address in 67 Hang Dieu, it's a bit crowded in the evening, bit still can get a sit together with other customers. They serve a very tasty Beef Noodle Salad (VND 60k), My most Favourite dish in Hanoi Ever, taste a bit sour (from the lime juice)and tasty spicy, and very refreshing. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. They also have a small dishes like a pork roll (GIO) and sour meat ball (NEM CHUA, 6k per piece). i tried the Nem Chua, it taste like fish cake, but it's pork, served with fermented chilli sauce that taste really nice.

7. Mien Luon Dong Thinh, address 87 Hang Dieu, just some steps from Bun Bo Nam Bo. They have 1 menu that attract me, fried vermicelli with crispy fried eel (MIEN XAO, VND 60k). Taste really nice, i love the fried eels, but it's a bit oily. They also have another menu, like Porridge, Soup, and other,but we haven't tried the other menu. They also have soy milk, with additional soy pudding in it, very unique, and taste really nice. i love their soy milk. 

8. Mihi mihi (VND 40k), Hanoi Crispy Puff (350m from Mien Luon Dong Thinh), address in 10 Hang Bong. It's not on my list before, but when we walk back to Hoan Kiem Lake, Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square (the bussiest square in Old Quarter), we passed this stalls and smells really good. So  we dicided to have a try, they have a lot of taste, we choose to try to vanilla and matcha. The creamy filled was very creamy, milky, not to sweet, and i love the puffs because it's very crispy outside but soft inside. A good choice to close our food marathon for today.

Then we continue to walk to HoanKiem lake to have a nightview of the lake, a lot of Lamp, and a pretty Red bridge from the Ngoc Son Temple, very coloured the lake, and don't forget to take some pics.

After Camera filled with pictures, we walk back to hotel (210m from the square). If you drink Beer, or Coffee at night, you can have some drinks on the side restaurants and cafes, while enjoying your sip. 

Good Night, Hanoi. I'm Full.

Tips and Trick

1. Prepare your leg, prepare your foot, because it needs to walk lots.

2. Prepare your empty tummy before having a food marathon.

3. Drink more water because the heat is too high (or better visit in autumn or spring)

4. Prepare your body language, or learn a basic vietnam language before. I just can spell one word in vietnamese now, one = mot (read: Moo)

5. Stay Near by Hoan Kiem Lake, all you need in Hanoi is around by.

Where to Stay

Hanoi Centre Point Hotel, it's just 200m from Hoan Kiem Lake, very convinient to go everywhere, good service, and excellent Hoan Kiem Lake view from the top restaurant (Having breakfast here)

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