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Chongqing, Sichuan, China | City Trip
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One Day in ChongQing

wisata chongqing chinachongging

I got a day extra stay in Chongqing after Training days in Chongqing suburbs. And here is what I did on my extra 24 hours...
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Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street

wisata chongqing china
wisata chongqing china

Here has all you wanna got and see in chongqing. Shopping Malls, Food Stalls, Supermarkt, everything. I came here to meet my colleagues, then go to eat HuoGuo, a must eat food in Chongqing.


Dong Ting Xian Huo Guo

wisata chongqing china
wisata chongqing china
wisata chongqing china
A Hotpot stall opened from year 1989, located in small tunnel. There's hotpot restaurant everywhere in Chongqing, but we choose this one because its unique location, and great review and qeue. better to book from a chinese apps (i don't know what the apps is, like a booking restaurant apps, they will notice us when we should come, because the qeue is too long if you wait there)

They have a really great Mala pepper taste. Condiments from sesame oil, garlic, chilly, coriander leaves, etc, are perfect combination for the hotpot.

We Spend around 70CNY (around IDR 140k) per person for a full tummy hotpot. 


Hong Ya Dong

wisata chongqing china

wisata chongqing china

wisata chongqing china

It's a cave that not look like a cave. More look like a building that buil in the hill, that has enterance on the ground floor and the upper floor. The Light around hongyadong is a perfect place to enjoy a night view in Chong Qing. You can enjouy the artistic building while eating Chongqing bites.


Ci Qi Kou

wisata chongqing china

wisata chongqing china

wisata chongqing china
An acient part of Chongqing. There's MRT Ciqikou to get there. you can find a lot of HotPot Paste there, and some Chongqing specialization food. More has some food stalls to eat. The building also like an ancient building, great spot to take a photoshoot. 


Back to Chongqing Airport

It takes about 1.5 hour to get to the airport from city. I have to transit MRT 2 times with my heavy lugage, not very convinient, but this is the fastest way to get there. 


If i have 1 more extraday in Chongqing, I will get a day tour to wulongshan from Klook, my friend went ther an the scenery is AMAZING...


See you again Chongqing. I'll be back

Cara ke Sana

wisata chongqing china     wisata chongqing china

Company bus droped me off in HongYaDong area together with another colleagues. then i walked to my hostel room, near MRT DaXiGou named Only Cafe and Backpacker that i booked in The staff is very nice man, try to speak english, but not so fluently. 


Tips dan Trik wisata chongqing chinachongging

Tips: better you use public transportation while going anywhere, land typical in chongqing is up and down, you will feel like hiking or trekking even you think the distance is still walkable.

Tempat Tinggal wisata chongqing chinachongging

Only Cafe and Backpacker (MRT Daxigou), by hostelworld. Clean Room, Good facilities. there' s cafe, gym and playing room too.
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