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Winter Light Festival in Garden of Morning Calm

garden of morning calm

Spending my New Year Winter Holiday in Korea and now I'm visiting Garden of Morning Calm. For you who are Korean Drama Lovers, you'll recognize this garden because it's mostly appears in many Korean Dramas, such as Love in the Moonlight.
Hal yang dilakukan

Winter Light Festival is the biggest lights festival in Korea which covering 100.000 pyeong illumintaed by 30000 lights. This festival is held in The Garden of Morning Calm starting from 3 December 2017 and will be end at 25 March 2018. Before I tell you more about what to do in this garden, kindly watch this video first :)

Video by RoamWithJohn

Garden of morning calm have about 5000 collections of flowers and plants which devide into 20 small gardens with various of theme. Besides, this garden also has a river and lake which freeze in winter. The light for festival will be turn on at 6 pm or 6.30 pm, waiting for the sunset. The lights shaped animals, flowers, angels, or just covering the tree. 

garden of morning calmgarden of morning calm

The visitors mostly hike to the high place for find some good place for taking picture. The main gardens are Hakyung Garden, Hometown House Garden, Bonsai Garden, Moonlight Garden, Sky Path and Garden of Eden will coveres by thousand of lights. Very beautiful and romantic..

garden of morning calmgarden of morning calm

Spending winter break in Korea is always a good idea and for you who love going to some romantic place, I suggest you to visit The Garden of Morning Calm for feel romantic situation of winter season. And don't forget to take your loved ones (if you have) LOL..

garden of morning calmgarden of morning calm

garden of morning calm

Cara ke Sana

To get to this Graden, you can take subway to Cheongpyeong Station, exit 1. Then go left until arrive at 3 way intersection and turn right. Continue towards Cheongpyeong Catholic Church, passing by Cheongpyeong Elementary School then turn left and you'll see Cheongpyeong Bus Terminal. From this terminal, take bus to The Garden of Morning Calm. Or you can take Gapyeong City Tour Bus.

For the bus schedule, you can check it here.

garden of morning calm

Tips dan Trik garden of morning calm

For entering this garden, there's admission fee, in the weekday KRW 8000 (adults), KRW 6000 (teenagers) and KRW 5000 (children). For Weekend, KRW 9000 (adults), KRW 6500 (teenagers) and KRW 5500 (children). For who wants to visit it on Sunday - Friday, this garden open from 11 am - 9 pm and if you're going to visit it on Saturday, this garden is open from 11 am to 11 pm. This festival is held during winter season, although there are heater in some spot, but don't forget to wear winter coat, boot, hat and shawl. 

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