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Shibuya Tokyo

shibuya tokyo

Shibuya is a district with Hachiko statue as the icon.
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After arrive in Shibuya station, you will see very crowded and there are so many people on that street. Mostly, many tourists taking picture in this area. Shibuya is a district with Hachiko statue as the icon. This district was built on 15 march 1957 and now become culture and fashion center in Tokyo. The street was never quiet, such a never die district because you can see so many people crossing this street even in the morning. This place also known as "Scramble Crossroad", the most crowd crossroad in the world.

                             shibuya tokyo

                             shibuya tokyo

After crossing the street, here is the Hachiko Statue. Hachiko is name of dog which become symbol of loyalty. Everyone has known the story of this loyal dog because he was waiting his guardian in this station. His guardian name was Ueno Eizaburo, he was agricultural scientist which gave big impact to the development of agriculture, land affairs adn wood in Japan. He was life in Shibuya and went work from Shibuya station. But, He was passed away after 1 year take care of Hachi and Hachi can't forget his guardian and always waiting him home in front of Shibuya station.

Hachi was wait for 7 years and become famous story in Shibuya. Hachiko statue was built in 1934 by citizen who admiring his story. A year after this statue built, Hachi died and this statue rounded by many flowers.

                                       shibuya tokyo

                             shibuya tokyo

Shibuya has been become birth place of variants fashion model and Japanesse culture which very interseting to explore. Go to few shops or boutiques for tasting Japanesse Fashion which very classy and unique. You can't find various models of fashion in Shibuya.

                                                                        Watch this video for more information: Video by TheIndieAmerican



Cara ke Sana

Hi Guys, I'd like to continue my story trip from Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum. I went back to Tokyo and want to spent night in Shibuya. I Take train from Shin-Yokohama station to Shibuya station. This trip take around 30 minutes and the fare is around 3500 yen.


Tips dan Trik shibuya tokyo

Mostly Japanese love walk, so if you are going to cross this street don't forget to wear comfortable shoes and bring camera for taking picture in this street. Feel the sensation of taking picture in the crowd of people.

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