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6 days of vacation in Hong Kong 'part 5'

wisata di hongkong

Hi all. Today is my fifth day in Hong Kong. I will invite you to know how to travel to Ngong Ping Village and Wisdom Of Path. Want to know how to vacation in these two places? Come follow me in Hongkong tour.
Hal yang dilakukan

I walked to the entrance of Ngong Ping Village. After that I walked to Tian Tan Budha Statue. Here there is the biggest sitting Buddha statue in the world made of bronze. To get to this statue of Buddha sitting you have to go up the stairs, amounting to 268 steps. It's very tiring guys. But if you are Tired, you can rest for a moment.


From above you can look around this lantau island. Do not miss to take pictures because the scenery is very beautiful.


Other places not to be missed are Po Lin Monastery, a resting place for Buddhist monks as well as a place to eat for those who want to have lunch. Of course the food served here is generally vegetarian.


Very happy to travel in this place. The scenery is very beautiful and I can not find a place like this in Indonesia. After that I walked to Wisdom Path. To get to this place you can follow the road signs and follow the path for about 10 minutes until you find the location. It's very tiring. But the result did not disappoint. The scenery around is very cool. Wisdom path is a wooden hill mounted tree trunks that have written the virtues of the Book of the Sutras. For those who can not read chinese writing maybe you will not understand and useless. You just take photos only. Because this place is extraordinary and can not be found in Indonesia.


Very interesting tour in this place. Come tomorrow follow me. Tomorrow is my last day in hongkong.

Tomorrow is my last day in hongkong. I will go to causaway bay.

6 days of vacation in Hong Kong 'part 6'

Cara ke Sana

To Ngong Ping Villlage I will use a taxi with a distance of about 54km or 58 minutes. After that have to ride Cable Car is very long and creepy. Arriving at the Cable Car station, we had to buy a round-trip ticket. Which we buy enough tickets Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car standart cabin worth HKD 185. Travel by Cable Car this takes about 25 minutes and can accommodate 6 people only. For those who are afraid of heights you can do other activities such as playing a cell phone or reading a book because the scenery can make your heart beat hard, across the ocean, hills and also you can see Hongkong International Airpot from a height. This is incredible. Then I arrived at Ngong Ping Village.


Tips dan Trik wisata di hongkong

  1. Bring your camera and selfie stick to capture the beautiful moments in this place.
  2. Wear a polite dress.
  3. Bring a travel bag.
  4. Bring medicine.
  5. Bring money and documents.
  6. Bring sanitary supplies.
  7. Do not litter.
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