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01 Mar 2018

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Macau Tower

Macau Tower is the tallest tower in Macau which has 338 metres above the sea level and consist of 61 floors!!!

What to Do macau tower

Macau Tower is the tallest tower in Macau which has 338 metres above the sea level and consist of 61 floors. At the top of this tower, there's observation where you can see all of Macau, such as Venetian Hotel, Taipa Bridge and Fery terminal.

macau tower

macau tower

Video by J Utah

This tower has one stop entertaiment concept where you can enjoy any entertaiment in one place. This tower have cinema, cafes, restaurants and some attractions. Anyway, this tower has restaurant which can rotate. If you don't believe it, go visit and see by youself :)

macau tower

Are you Adrenaline Junkie? Macau Tower offers some activities that makes your adrenaline encouraged. There are Skywalk, Bungee Jumping, Skyjump and Tower Climb. FYI, the bungee jumping is the higest in the world, that's why Korean Actress, Song Ji Hyo, has been try bungee jumping in this tower. If you are brave enough, you can do that activities as well. But for me, it's better to sit and drink soft drink while enjoy the view of Macau from above ;)

macau tower

macau tower

macau tower

How to Get There macau tower

After visit Grand Prix museum, I Move to the tallest tower in Macau, Macau Tower. This tower is located in Largo da Torre de Macau. You can take bus number 5, 9A, 18, 18B, 23, 26, 32, 73.

Tips and Trick macau tower

Interest to visit this tower? I'd like to share some tips before you go:

  • This tower is open from 10 am to 9 pm in weekday and 9 am to 9 pm in weekend.
  • Admission fee for adults is about HKD 135 for adults and HKD 73 for children. I suggest you to buy the ticket online before you go, because it's cheaper.
  • Be careful if you are going to try these activities.
  • Bring Camera
  • Best time to visit is in afternoon until night, because you'll see the sunset and citi lights from above.
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