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24 Nov 2017

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Rizal Park Manila

Rizal Park is the must visit place when you came to Philippines.

What to Do rizal park manila

Rizal Park is the must visit place when you came to Philippines. This park also called as The Pearl of The Orient Seas because it's one of historical place in Manila. This park was former colonial Spain and also the place where one of National hero, Dr Jose Rizal, were execution on 1896. That's why this park was built for remember his struggle during revolution against Spain colonialism.

                              rizal park manila

                            rizal park manila

Beside become one of tourism place, this park also become hangout location for Manila citizen. Not only elders, but also children, adults and teenagers are able to enjoy the beauty of this park. 

rizal park manila rizal park manila

                        rizal park manila

                        rizal park manila

Moreover, you can enjoy this park by using two-wheeled buggy or also known as Calessa which could become your tour guide. If you want to use this transportation, you should pay around PHP 1500. It's quite expensive but still worth for seeing the beauty of this park.

                                                            rizal park manila

I really amazed by people in Manila which respect the heroes because they take care of this historical place. Look at the guards who protect this monument.

                               rizal park manila

So many interesting tourism place in Manila and after that I'm going to Manila Baywalk for enjoying sunset :)

                                                                       Watch this Video for more excitement: Video by ChannelPhilippines



How to Get There rizal park manila

Hi guys, welcome back!! Still in first day in Manila, after explore Manila Ocean Park, I went to Rizal Park which still in one area with Manila Ocean Park. Rizal Park located in Roxas Blvd Ermita, Barangay 666 Zone 72, which is only 1 kilometers from Manila Ocean Park so I walked passing through south road.

Tips and Trick rizal park manila

Take your children here to learn about history and because the weather is very hot, don't forget to wear hat, sunglasses and use sunblock or you can bring umbrella. Also, bring snacks, drinks and camera :)

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