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Legoland Theme Park - Johor Bahru

legoland theme park

This place is consist of replicas of famous landmark in Asia, such a mini Asia made from lego
What to Do

The entrance fee of theme park only is RM 160 for adult (12 - 59 years) and RM 128 for children (3-11 year) / elderly (60+ years), but if you want to enjoy the waterpark also, you should pay RM 200 for adult (12 - 59 years) and RM 160 for children (3-11 years) / elderly (60+ years). This theme park open everyday from 10.00 AM - 06.00 PM.

Legoland is the largest theme park in ASEAN and consist of more than 40 interactive ride, shows and attractions. There arethe beginning, Lego "Ninjago" World, Miniland, imagination, Lego technic, Lego kingdoms, land of adventure, Lego city. You can see it in this map.

In The Beginning part, there are shops, cafe and guest services. Also, there are lockers and strollers for rent here.

After that, I move to Lego City. This place is very good for children who want to go to "driving school", there are also rescue academy where the kids took fire engine to put out a fire, a boating school, planes and some other rides and attraction.

Lego city also has big stage where there is live show, ninjago. This is essentially a puppet show made from lego which very impressive and I enjoy it.

Next, move to Miniland. This place is consist of replicas of famous landmark in Asia, such a mini Asia made from lego. I think Miniland is my favorite part in Legoland because it's very amazing. It's so detailed and incredibry cool that lego can be used to do so much. 

There are amazing replicas of Tiananmen Square, Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, Singapore and many more. 

My advise, take picture as much as you want in this place before you move to the other parts.

Moving on to the next destination, I went to Imagination zone. This place is colorful and filled with interesting attractions. There are 4D cinema which is very great and shows a movie in every 30 minutes and has four different movies shown. 

Not take too much time in Imagination zone, I move to Lego Kingdom. This zone is full of castles, knights and dragons. Also, roller coasters, shop, restaurant and giant playground. 

The last one, I visit Lego Technic. This zone is the most suited for older kids and adult because there is a cool roller coaster, few rides and also Lego Mindstorms with cool activities such as programming robots.


Watch this video for more information. Video by Kidsliveshows

How to Get There

Hi guys, this is my second day in Johor Bahru. I stay in Rose Cottage Hotel Johor Bahru and my next destination is going to Legoland Theme Park which is only 2 km away from my hotel now. So, after breakfast I grab a taxi to Legoland and only need 10 minutes to arrive there.



Tips and Trick legoland theme park

  • Bring Umbrella or raincoat
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Bring good camera 
  • Follow the maps of Legoland
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