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Bosphorus Cruise – Sunset between Asia and Europe

bosphorus cruise

We choose full Bosphorus cruise because we want to enjoy sunset from this strain!
What to Do

We choose full Bosphorus cruise because we want to enjoy sunset from this strain. When the ship is slowly leaving the port, I can see beautiful city of Istanbul. From this cruise, I see Bosphorus Bridge which connect 2 continents, there are Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge which connecting Asia and Europe. The name of this bridge was taken from Sultan Ustmaniyah who conquer Byzantium capital city, Constantinople on 1453.

From this cruise, I also can see so many historical building in Istanbul, such as Dolmabahce Palace which very luxurious. This palace was an administration centre from Ottoman imperialism.

Second historical building that can see is Topkapi Palace. This palace is very wide and was resided in by more than 4000 people on 1465 until 1853. 

Also, I can see Maiden Tower in the middle of the strain.

Even, I see the luxurious Ortakoy Mosque in the side of the strain. 

And Rumeli Hisari castle..

So many places that I can see from this cruise and in the afternoon when the sun goes down, the scenery even more beautiful..

Watch this video for more information:

Video by: Gezen Adam

How to Get There

Welcome back guys! Still in Istanbul, on the same day, Budi and I went to Bosphorus strain. By using cruise, we across this strain. The price full Bosphorus cruise return is around 25 TL for adult and 13 TL for children under 12 years old. Trip time of this full Bosphorus cruise is around 5 hours and we start at 14.15 AM.

As we know that Turkey devide into 2 parts, first part in Asia and the other part in Europe, both of part are separated by Bosphorus strain. This strain has length 30 km and wide only 3700 meters and minimum 750 meters. Also, this strain connecting Black Sea and Marmara Sea. Since the victory of Greece before Byzantium and Usmani eras, Bosphorus have become a very crowded spices centre.



Tips and Trick bosphorus cruise

Sailing on Bosphorus are very fun so you have to prepare yourself to get cold because of the wind. So, don't forget to wear hat or veil if you won't your hair messed :)

Also, wear sunglasses and jacket for protect your eyes and body if you're sailing on sunny day. Last, don't forget to bring good camera for capturing moment in this cruise. FYI, you can enjoy dinner and watch show on this cruise by check the schedule here

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