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Anthology Coffee

5 star (from 2 people)
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Category: halal

Posted on 22 January 2018, 13:30:54

This Anthology Coffee has become Australian's Best Cafe in 2016 from Bean Hunter sites.

Culinary Detail

Hello coffee lovers, you haven't visited Brisbane if you haven't visit Coffee Anthology for tasting coffee from all around Australia. So, after visit Koala Sanctuary, I take a taxi to Coffee Anthology which located in 126 Margaret Street, Brisbane. Need 20 minutes to arrive there and I already starving. Arriving there, this cafe is really something. It's not too big but it has minimalis vintage design which make it look adorable.

anthology coffee

anthology coffee

FYI, this cafe has become Australian's Best Cafe in 2016 from Bean Hunter sites. They offer not only coffee, but also some main course. Because I'm coming in lunch time and haven't eat anything yet since I landed in Brisbane, so I decide 

anthology coffee

The menu price is very cheap, only start from AUD 3 for a cup of coffee and for the meals starting from AUD 10. Not waiting for so long, I order Chicken Burger and capuccino.

anthology coffee

anthology coffee

Well, Ihev to say that I'm not dissapointed about the coffee and the burger. The chicken burger has soft bun and the chicken meat is well cooked, add with some pickles and cheese. Very delicious. Moreover, the cappuccino is very tasty. It's not bitter but just not much flavour. This restaurant has great service as well, if next time I come back to this city, I'll taste it again :)

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Opening Hours

Monday - Friday open from 7 am to 3.30 pm
Saturday open from 7.30 am to 12 pm
Sunday closed

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